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How we work


At Constructive Thinking the way we work is very much tied to how we think - in 3D. BIM has been a crucial part of our workflow since before the term was coined. All of our projects are modelled digitally allowing us to seamlessly co-ordinate with other consultants, and to test and optimise all of the information prior to work commencing on site.

This allows any amendments to be quickly applied to the whole model, automatically updating plans, sections and elevations saving time and expense. This approach also saves our clients time and money once the construction begins.

We are able to test our models for energy efficiency and our details for thermal performance early in the design stage. Running costs can be significantly more than the capital cost of any project, so our ability to test any proposals as we work is proving invaluable to our client base. Constructive Thinking have a programme of continuous improvement and review across all of our projects ensuring every client benefits from best practice all of the time. All of our work is aligned with BS 1192.