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March 12th 2015

As self builders ourselves we are well placed to understand the full gambit of requirements, motivations, and emotions involved in this kind of project.  We understand the need to order the correct amount of materials at the correct time, and to make sure that there is as little waste as possible.

This project for Jon & Hannah’s house involved stripping the roof from an existing bungalow and building a new first floor in 2 phases.  The first was in steel frame with timber panel infill, which was completed in 2011 and allowed them to move their family into the house. Phase 2 which has been constructed in green oak with timber infill is watertight now and will be completed in the coming months.

The vast experience gained not only by Jon & Hannah in terms of project management, but also the hands on construction knowledge shared by the rest of the practice through team building days (figurative and literal) has been and continues to be invaluable to our practice and our clients in this field.

steel frame added to building