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Bunglaow Extension - Steel Frame Ready

March 23rd 2015

Following on from our “Bungalow on top of a Bungalow” post - 

Just been to the Fabricator’s factory - bit of an odd one this but we ended up using Sketchup for the co-ordination part of this project. 

We built our model in ArchiCAD (a BIM authoring tool) but the fabricator uses Sketchup (a 3D Modelling tool) for their detailing.  We were able to export our geometry perfectly, and send it to the fabricator.  The fabricator then added their connection information and sent it back to us for co-ordination sign off.  We imported the model back into ArchiCAD as a module and checked it against our frame, made the necessary adjustments to our model.  There were no co-ordination issues with any of our elements so we signed it off.

We’d have liked a IFC file to allow the data to have gone both ways as well as we have on other projects (more on that soon), but to be honest, we’ll take any 3D over a flat drawings any day of the week.

steel frame for house