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What you see is What you get Architecture

February 19th 2015

This project was to extend and alter an existing bungalow built around the 1970s.

Our proposal was to extend over the existing lounge and reconfigure the kitchen/dining room which overlook the front garden. First of all we prepared an existing model of the building from which our drawings could be taken.

We then overlaid our proposals onto that model allowing us to easily present the information clearly to our clients and the planning department. Following planning approval, we added all the necessary construction detail to our model which allowed for perfectly co-ordinated drawings and allowed us to generate full bills of quantities from which the client - a self builder could order.

During the construction it was decided that the system of construction should be changed from timber to load-bearing masonry. This was accommodated without much bother and allowed us to pick up any issues in the amended system immediately before the project got to site. As you can see, this method of working ensures an almost perfect translation from the original design to the completed building.

What you see is what you get Architecture!

modern house exterior