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Elm Vale Approved

Constructive Thinking Studio Ltd are delighted to confirm proposals for 14No. residential units in Newsham Park, Liverpool was today granted* full Planning Permission by Committee at Liverpool City Council Town Hall.

The basis for the proposals are 14 No single occupancy apartments, are self-contained and are designed for one person, providing all the accommodation that is needed for a person living alone.

The units benefit from having their own bathroom and kitchen, bedroom and living space within each of the units, and the proposed design is in direct response to concerns in the prevalence of HMOs in the area raised during the Planning Consultation process

Developers SFY Construction, in partnership with Constructive Thinking Studio Ltd have driven improvements in the typical accommodation offered in the local area. The single person units offer a new concept and a high quality stepping stone for people needing self-contained accommodation in the area.

The development will provide an additional option for those without the necessary financial means to support accommodation intended for two or more persons.

The single bedroom, single person units exceed minimum space standards, providing a minimum of 400sqft of accommodation per unit, and seek to offer improvements beyond this where reasonably practicable.

*subject to S106 & Conditions