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L3 Planning Approved*

Constructive Thinking have secured planning approval* following a comprehensive planning submission for an ambitious mixed use Project in the L3 district of Liverpool

The project is mixed use and predominantly residential led, but additionally offers 400 sqm of commercial space to the ground floor with frontage at street level onto Vauxhall Road

*subject to S106

The proposals aim to achieve a coherent whole whilst taking reference from the historic industrial context, and this has been achieved through a number of different means:

First of all the mass of the building has been broken down in both horizontal and vertical planes, the final proposals are comprised of a plinth level at ground floor, with the main body of the building above being divided into clearly defined vertical volumes with further vertical articulation achieved through fenestration.

The top floors of the building are then set back from the main elevations and give formal reference to the industrial aesthetic.Tectonically the building has been composed using materials which don’t look out of place in its current surroundings.

The primary material is to be brick, dark in colour for the ground floor with a lighter variety above. Window surrounds; balconies; railings; and other articulation are to be in galvanised steel. Above ground level along Paul St & Oriel St, along with the top storey along Vauxhall Rd it is proposed to use Corten Steel cladding to give a hard wearing pre-weathered finish from the outset and a more direct reference to the Industrial history of the site.

Along the secondary elevations of Paul St & Oriel St, its proposed that the top floor be set back and given a Saw tooth roof to allow good top light to the penthouses and further reference to the site’s historic role within the city.