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Powick House I

This project was the first step in what is becoming our Worcester architecture snowball.  We were recommended to this client by another of our existing clients during an informal discussion at a conference.  We met, got on, and this project - as yet unbuilt - got the attention seemingly of the whole village.

The site is quite severely sloped behind the property and the existing barn was in need of demolition following the collapse of the retaining wall behind it.  The first part of the project was therefore to sure up the existing hill and prevent further slippage.  Following that we were to construct a new extension and garage block to replace the one which had been demolished.

Initially our client wanted to mirror the look of the existing building. however, current UK planning policy states that any extension must appear subservient to the existing property, this would make the extended building appear unbalanced, so whilst preparing this scheme we were also tasked with coming up with some alternatives which struck a contrast with the existing building.

Following the presentation of these proposals we submitted a different alternative to malvern for planning approval which was granted.