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Powick House II

This project came to us through recommendation from one of our other clients in the area for whom we had recently gained planning permission for a contemporary extension.  The homeowner on this project had liked our work, and wanted us to help them to update their property situated in its own valley.

The house itself was constructed in the 1960s built into the landscape with a low pitched roof.  This roof was reaching the end of its serviceable life, and the surrounding landscape had grown up around it to almost entirely overwhelm the building.  We discussed a number of options with the client with regards to how best to tackle these issues, with the client’s preference being to put on a new roof with a steeper pitch to reflect a portico roof they had built adjacent to the house a number of years previous.

The conversation then continued along the following lines

“well if we’re putting a roof on it, the view is quite good, shouldn’t we put some rooms and a terrace up there?”

“we don’t want to take the roof off if we can help it…. And we’d prefer not to move out”

The site itself was quite challenging – it is located at the end of an unadopted road, and has a long drive making delivery of large building materials very difficult.

We therefore developed a method of construction with the builder which enabled all of the above to be incorporated into the scheme.

Work is still ongoing, but the more the building comes together the happier our clients appear to be with the result.