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Technical Innovation Fund - Working With The Riverside Group

We secured funding through a successful bid to National Energy Action (NEA) as part of their Action for Warm Homes Technical Innovation Fund.  This funding allowed us to work in partnership with The Riverside Group to retrofit 'no-fines' concrete housing in Halton, Cheshire.

This project aimed to address heat loss and air tightness issues in a group of 30 'no-fines' concrete properties for The Riverside Group by testing an incremental set of retrofit measures in combination and measuring their impact on heat loss and airtightness, thereby developing a set of solutions that potentially reduced the incidence of fuel poverty.  It also sought to change the way retrofit projects are approached, delivered and monitored.

We were able to reduce the air leakage in the properties by over 35% through optimising the combination of details and developing a best practice and measured approach to installation.  Incidences of fuel poverty were almost eliminated within the project and residents reported that properties stayed warm for longer periods.  The incidence of damp was also reduced in over 90% of properties and residents expressed great improvements in health and wellbeing after completion of the works.

Read the full project report here: