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Innovation drives Efficiency

Constructive Thinking have been working with BIM since before the term was really even in use. We utilise this incredibly efficient workflow across all of our projects as it allows amendments to be quickly applied on a project wide basis, avoiding the time and expense of redrawing numerous sections and layouts. This saves our clients time and money not only during the design process but also once the construction begins.

We are consultant members of an EU wide international BIM standards team.

On a national level we have been involved in developing the AEC UK BIM protocols for ArchiCAD. We are part of the Graphisoft Beta testing program for ArchiCAD and BIMx. We regularly give talks and run workshops on BIM with the ArchiCAD Users Association, both in the UK and in Europe. Our expertise in this field has led to us being invited to contribute to the RIBA publication:

"BIM in Small Practices - Illustrated Case Studies"

We also spoke at t BIM Show Live 2015 with a presentation Who Needs a BIM HUG?

All of our projects are modelled to align with BS 1192 and COBie (UK), and we are comfortable delivering projects on this basis for ourselves or other consultants on a white label basis if required. Whatever your BIM requirements, please feel free to give us a call to discuss and we'll be happy to assist.